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Edward Gray of Dudley Ltd

Edward Gray of Dudley - Manufacturing

Edward Grays of Dudley manufactures over 50 different products. All of our products are made using traditional hand made methods.

Below are the steps taken to make our herbal tablets are shown from basic ingredients to irresistible sweet, but we can't let slip our Secret recipe exactly. The same basic principle is applied to all the other boiled sweets:

Step 1: The glucose, water and sugar are boiled to 310 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 2: The mixture is tipped onto a water cooled table/slab

Step 3: The secret family flavouring is added and is mixed in together by hand.

Step 4: Once the mixture is firm but still pliable, it is fed into dies that shape the sweets into there classic tablet form.

Step 5: The formed sweets, are now fed onto a cooling belt, allowed to cool and are then coated with sugar before being packaged.

Step 6: The sweets are then packaged ready for distribution. For info on distribution and trade please visit our trade page.